Halong Bay, Vietnam

I would like to formally welcome myself back to the blogosphere after a three week hiatus! Over the last 24 days I first traveled in Vietnam, where I began in Hanoi and slowly made it down south to Ho Chi Minh City in just two weeks. While I learned a great deal, I think the most

Leading a parade in Takhli.

Five months came and went. Tomorrow I leave my little town of Takhli, located basically in the middle of Thailand, to embrace new adventures. Takhli is a medium-sized town for Thailand. But to me, it’s like being taken back to agrarianism in the middle ages.  A typical day consists of teaching, eating, working on personal projects and travelling

I was like a lost puppy. I knew I wanted to write a blog. I had this huge idea, to create a little place on the internet where young, career-driven girls like myself could submit articles relating to business and busting through the glass ceiling. I got so caught up in the big picture, I