Seeing that I am visiting Vientiane soon, I should probably brush up on the often overlooked Southeast Asian country of Laos. (Officially referred to as “Lao PDR,” I found.) I know Laos is “communist.” But that is sort of where my knowledge (embarrassingly) ends. Where do I begin? Like any normal person, I take a look

Just when I sat down to write about Myanmar/Burma’s recent pivot towards technological advancement, I saw online that the country’s President was visiting the White House at that very moment. Ironic. And quite suggestive that Myanmar is taking strides towards openness–and not just technology-based. For starters, Myanmar finds itself in a completely contrasting position compared to last posts look at

Nature in Bali

I hate to say it, but I always thought of Eat Pray Love whenever I thought of Bali. But that has changed. Bali is in fact a Southeast Asian startup hub. As if I ever needed a reason to visit the tropical island, I started legitimately thinking of relocating to the place. I began with some innocent

Nowadays, I can’t browse through my Feedly without seeing some news-piece on the shortage of Computer Science or Engineering graduates from American universities. There is a crisis in the US job market–not enough tech-savvy talent to supply to growing demand.  And employers are starting to look beyond our country borders to find eligible candidates. Furthermore, there has been

CIVETS countries (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa) are six favored emerging economies predicted to do well in future years. The term first appeared in late 2009, but grew in popularity in 2010. According to Investopedia:  The positive aspects of the CIVETS group of countries includes relative political stability (especially when compared to previous

As I sit in my one-room fifth floor Bangkok apartment, I contemplate ways to get back to Asia. And while I sit at my desk in the office, I frantically scour the internet; looking for ways to get back to Asia. Business trends, investment opportunities, job openings– you name it. I know I must go home. I

Buddhist monks stand outside Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I had the pleasure of travelling to Siem Reap this past weekend. To my surprise, I enjoyed the city much more than I imagined. While Siem Reap is Cambodia’s largest tourist hub (thanks to Angkor Wat) I was astonished to see almost no franchises. There was one KFC. And a Dairy Queen at the airport. Nonetheless compared

When people ask “What would you like to do in the future?” I genuinely have not a clue. All that comes to mind is “Asia.” I know I want to do something that pertains to the far east. Whether it be running my own company that conducts business in the region, or working for a large

The 2013 Miss Korea Pageant finalists have created a buzz over the internet for all sharing very similar features–large dark brown eyes, snow-like skin, perfect noses and a sparkling white smile. Is Photoshop to blame, or is it an overindulgence in the same plastic surgery procedures, leaving all finalists to look practically identical? It is probably a little of both. Certainly airbrushing