Bar Graph showing Emissions - Pollution, Wealth and Health in ASEAN + 6

What does pollution, wealth and health have in common in the six largest ASEAN economies (aka ASEAN+6)? Take a look at this (long) albeit informative infographic. Looking at the first line graph, there is a clear correlation between GDP per capita and Energy Use per capita. Starting in 1990, both factors had an upward trend.

Mosque - Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

In case you haven’t been diligently following my Twitter feed (shame on you!), I am going back to Southeast Asia this January. This time flying to Brunei. You may be asking yourself “Why?” or more likely “Where is that?” Why– because I figure I may never have the opportunity to go again. If you’re not

3 Minute Travel Guide to Thailand

I introduce my first attempt at making a video for YouTube. After considering the trend of hyper-shortened videos like those found on Vine and Instagram– I thought a condensed travel guide to Thailand would be perfect. (Also, my recent interview with Trekity gave some great inspiration!) I touch upon key things to pack, three areas

Productivity Travel Tips

When traveling for pleasure or work, many of us have to stay productive while on the move. Unfortunately just because you are enjoying time away doesn’t mean all the other responsibilities go away, too. Whether it be applying for grad school or meeting a deadline on a freelance gig — here are some pointers on


This post (like the last) has relatively little to do with Asia. As the story goes, one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was putting together an infographic breaking down study abroad demographics and trends for American students. I figured I better finish it and not let all my hard work

New Baby Kitten on Desk

Aside that it has to do with me. And I am obsessed with Asia. I feel guilty about not finding time to write; but these past two weeks have been crazy. I know, I know– I shouldn’t be making excuses. But I think it has to do with the changing of the seasons. Summer is

Shanghai Highway - Study Abroad Asia

If you are in college and considering a study abroad experience– do it. And visit East Asia. Go to Shanghai like I did. Or northern Thailand to take in ancient Siam culture. Perhaps immerse yourself in the small but mighty city-state Singapore. Or venture off the beaten path and study in Vietnam, Cambodia or even

Study Asia - Shanghai Gardens

China is the fifth most popular destination for US students studying abroad. In 2010/2011, 14,596 American students studied in China. However, all the other Asian nations fall far behind China in hosting US students. In the East Asian and Pacific region the next country to attract nearly as many US students in 2010/11 was Japan

Khmer girl in Cambodia

Take a look at the latest infographic measuring female education trends in Southeast Asia with particular emphasis on Cambodia and Laos. As you will see, most of the ASEAN nations perform quite well when it comes to education girls. The only exceptions are Cambodia and Laos. For both nations there are numerous roadblocks to education

Lao schoolgirls reading books

Compared to other parts of the world the education systems of Southeast Asia are quite efficient and effective. For the most part girls and boys nowadays share equal access to education facilities. Thus enrollment and literacy rates are comparable across genders. However out of the ten ASEAN countries there are two that lag behind considerably: