Woman Alone In Pool

In my last post I looked at the truths of traveling alone by speaking with fellow bloggers who also travel solo. While responses were different, one theme remained constant: the difference between men and women traveling alone. Everyone acknowledged that there were challenges for both genders. Some challenges were the same — like feeling endangered while walking alone

Solo Travel Dirtbike

For most who decide to travel alone, it turns out to be an exciting and empowering experience. However, before departing the thought of “flyin’ solo” can be frightening. It’s like the fear of eating alone in the cafeteria. Except now that cafeteria fear could turn into a 24/7 reality. “Eating every meal alone!? Noooo!” Take a

Man in Sand

I’ll be honest. I am horrible at budgeting when I travel. I barely do any preplanning or keep track of spending: I simply look at my bank account statement to find out if I am in trouble or not. But people ask me all the time, “How do you budget when you travel?” So, I

Hoi An Boat

Southeast Asia is filled with so many top-notch travel destinations that it’s hard to see them all. Luckily, I gathered insights from travel bloggers across the web about their favorite destinations in Southeast Asia. Mount Bromo, Indonesia Helen McClure (ExpatExplorers.org) Helen McClure is no stranger to travel. After living in Dubai, she currently resides in Singapore

Yangon Coffee Shop Guide

A decent coffee shop is hard to come by in the burgeoning city of Yangon (Myanmar). And it’s no surprise, seeing the country has only recently opened up to the outside. I mean, in 2012 Myanmar ranked in as the #7 most censored country in the world. All things considered, Yangon as a city is doing quite well.

Kimberley Street Food - George Town, Penang

Penang (Malaysia) is renowned for its vast culinary fusions. It’s probably the best (if not the best) Southeast Asian destination for foodies. Honestly, I never had been one of those people who traveled to a planned with a preplanned list of all best restaurants and dishes to try. I typically wing it. But in Penang

Malaysian Airlines Plane

In January 2014 I visited Yogyakarta — a quaint city ranked on the NYT places to visit in 2014. In an attempt to save money I flew via Sriwijaya Airlines, a budget carrier. It’s a small Indonesian airlines and I never heard of it prior. The way there was fine, but I’ll never forget my return trip. The bumpy landing

Shanghai (China) Skyline

The first time I set foot in Asia was in February 2011. It was for a five day trip to Beijing– part of the orientation for my upcoming semester in Shanghai. As I wandered through the Beijing airport that day, with some other kids in my study abroad program, I had no idea that my life

Riverside, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Only have a day or two in Phnom Penh before heading out to the next destination? Have no fear. The best things the capital city has to offer can easily be tackled in a day or two. National Museum When one reaches the National Museum, it’s hard to realize it is the right place for